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White Marsh, Maryland

We purchase steel

We Purchase Steel

Purchase & Pick Up of Steel Scrap Metals

We purchase most types of scrap steel. This is good for one-time jobs such as demolition or a clean up or for permanent placement such as car parts or for scrap generated in daily business operations.

We purchase most types: appliances, car rims, yard or farm equipment, sheet metal such as from old sheds, fence, rebar… We do not accept gas cylinders with the valve intact, drums or tanks unless they are empty either crushed or with a hole in it.

How it works:

We quote a price per gross ton (2240 lbs) and a delivery / pick-up charge that will be deducted from the total amount owed to the customer. The weight will be calculated from the end processor’s scale ticket. We drop the container off for loading and please make sure it contains strictly metal.

Delivery / Pick up of Steel Scrap Metals

The delivery / pick up charge for the steel items will vary depending on location of job.